What's The Disadvantages Of Science And Technology?


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One disadvantage is that technology has arguably made people more anxious. Given that more people now rely on the Internet and do not have to socialize quite as much as they had to, some people may feel that they lack the social skills that are required for high powered jobs and for a normal life. People can now live with ease without ever leaving their home. All their essential services can be provided by delivery, all of which can be organized either over the Internet or over the telephone. People can even work on the Internet, meaning that it is more than feasible for a person to live at home and literally never leave the house.

Then of course, science and technology is a source of huge controversy and debate. Before the kind of technological progression we have seen today, religion and community spirit reigned. People relied on one another and regularly attended religious ceremonies as a way of getting together as well as celebrating their values. These days, religion clashes with science and we have two distinct groups of people. We have the people who are pro-science and anti-religion, and those who are pro-religion and anti-science. This causes great conflict and means that the government has to be incredibly careful in regards t some kind of scientific advancement. For instance, stem cell research.

Then of course there is the cost. In times of economic crisis, the government needs to cut back as much money as possible. This is why many people do not believe that funding scientific projects is a great idea, and think that it should be stopped. Science funding is absolutely huge in the United States and some pro-religion people would argue that the money could be spent better elsewhere.
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If at one hand, science and technology has brought a lot of wonders for us then on the other hand, there are disadvantages of science and technology as well. Firstly, it has increased the anxiety in our lives. Secondly, when technology goes in the wrong hands then it can negatively impact the society such as the increasing rate of cyber crime, hacking, stealing of personal information and pornography websites. Thirdly, technology has also increased the alternatives and opportunities for the terrorists. Moreover, technology has suppressed our physical efforts and we are getting more luxurious and comfort living. The economies which lag behind in incorporating new technologies are considered poor economies and their progress in the world is hindered.

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The more this world is updated in science and especially technology, the more machinery is created. More pollution, more deadly war technologies, more destruction. Also, when new technology is created, less workers are needed and many loose their jobs (Best example of this: The Industrial Revolution during the 18th century)
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It has increased luxury in our life but it had made us lazy we have become dependable upon such resources as population are increasing our demand are increasing which increases place for living so we are destroying are natural resources.
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Disadvantages of science and technology is
creates human original DNA
destroyes nature
creates poor and rich peopels
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neither could ever be a disadvantage since they both imply progress  in terms of human potential and survival....without them both humanity would be at a terrible disadvantage....and worse.... Would be at the mercy of whomever possessed either or both...

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science and technology are all good in fact they are just about the only good thing in the universe because with out them we would be resigned to living lives in fear as they did in the old days where praying was our only means of comfort in an otherwise incomprehensible world. It baffles me today that religion is even a thing when we know why stars move and earthquakes occur. The only people who could say science is a bad thing are those who are afraid of the truth. The truth is, reality is unfair humans aren't as special as we want to be and we are here by accident. Once we die that's it, it's over for us. It's unsettling but true, knowing that of course people would chose ignorance over truth, it hurts less. So in conclusion science is the only tool we have to make things fair, so be happy with it.

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