What Is Ozone Depletion And Green House Effect?


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Oxygen in the upper atmosphere forms ozone that forms a layer over the earth. This ozone shield filters out the ultraviolet rays of the sun and protects the earth from being damaged. Ozone shield may be in danger of breaking due to air pollutants particularly nitric oxide and chlorine atoms that attack the ozone layer. Nitric oxides come from emission of aircraft exhaust and chlorine is released by aerosol pollutants (refrigerants like Freon 11, Freon 12) called chlorofluorocarbons (CFC)

Now what about green house effect? As we know that sun rays reach to our earth in the form of visible light and raise the temperature of the earth. This heat energy absorbed by the earth radiate back to space thus temperature of earth remains in balance. From burning of fossil fuels, much carbon dioxide is produced in atmosphere. About half of this is utilized by plant life or absorbed by the ocean water and the remaining goes on accumulating in the lower areas of atmosphere forming a thick dense layer of carbon dioxide. This thick layer inhibits the re-radiation of heat energy absorbed by earth back to space and adds more temperature to the surface of earth. This warming of earth surface is called the Green House Effect. The thick layer of gas act like glass of green house that allow the incoming solar radiation but prevent the emission of the outgoing heat waves.

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