How Does Chemistry Become Part Of Our Everyday Life?


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Chemistry has been a part of our everyday life for many hundreds of years. It is used for medicine, food, transport and most of the items we use from day to day.
The obvious reasons for using chemistry in everyday life is for medicines and creating cures for illness and disease but there are many things that chemistry is used for that we do not even think about as being a part of science.
When building houses, the concrete and other materials are all mixed. This is so that the consistency is correct to keep the cement from flaking and the building from falling down.  This is just one way that chemistry has an impact on our lives.
Making our homes look appealing on the inside is also the result of chemistry. We use cleaning products every day that are formulated by chemists within laboratories. The chemistry is not only used to make sure that our kitchen is grime free but these are advancing using chemistry to get rid of limescale and stains. Washing powders are also formulated in the same way. Even the scents of them are formulated by chemists.
Looking good is also chemistry that we use everyday. Our shampoo, shower gel and soaps will all use an element of chemistry in their creation, even if they are 100% natural ingredients, the way that they are made is using chemistry techniques. Perfume and aftershaves are also created using chemistry methods.
Possibly the most scientifically advanced grooming products are anti-aging creams that are a multi-million dollar business. Chemists are dedicated to advancing the chemicals that are put into anti-aging creams to make the skin of its users look and feel younger.
Chemistry really is a part of our everyday life.

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