How Does Chemistry Affect Our Life?


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Chemistry is all around us. We use it in the kitchen while cooking (chemical reactions), and we even use it in when dying our hair. There are many elements that we use everyday; FLUORINE: Even though it is one of the most highly reactive and aggressive elements, it keeps our teeth healthy (used in toothpaste and in tap water). NITROGEN: Almost 80% of the air is made up of nitrogen. We use it to breath. Without it we would have no DNA, no proteins, or even no muscles.
SILICON: Silicon is in sand on the beaches, and in the window panes. Its electrical conductivity allows PCs, mobile phones, cars, TVs and cameras to work. HYDROGEN: Almost absolutely everywhere. In water, us humans, plants and animals.
ALUMINIUM: Used in alloy rims, train carriages and even in barbecuing!

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