What Are The Contribution Of Lani Rose Mateo In Chemistry?


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Lani Rose Mateo was born in the Philippines; she used her inquisitive mind to come up with an ingenious way to speed up the dairy clotting process during cheese production. By using organisms and substances extracted from molds, this clever high school student was able to make cheese taste better and fresher, due to its quicker processing time.

Since Lani Rose Mateo made this exciting discovery so early in life, she was lauded as something of a teen prodigy in her native country. Today, high school chemistry students aspire to the same level of achievement as Lani Rose Mateo.

Chemistry Facts

  • Chemistry is often used to improve food production, and to extend the shelf life of food products. For example, modern preservatives and additives used in food products are meant to make the product safer to eat, and better tasting, for a longer period of time.
  • During previous centuries, before the chemical composition of foods was understood, food products were subject to spoilage much faster; in fact, people would often grow ill from eating food that was past its prime. Now, the modern food supply is safer; however, many people dislike the presence of so many additives in the foods they eat every day. The organic food movement is a reaction against the heavy processing of food products in the modern food supply.
  • Research and development departments of food manufacturers often contain well-stocked laboratories, filled with laboratory apparatuses, including beakers, Bunsen burners, and pipettes. Scientists use chemical formulas to add flavor to foods, or to fortify foods with vitamins and minerals. Scientists will also work to extend the shelf life of food products.
Right now, other brilliant high school students, such as Lani Rose Mateo, are making discoveries that will change food manufacture and preservation; today's students are truly the scientific pioneers of tomorrow.
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