What Are The Contributions Of Foreign And Filipino Scientist In The Field Of Chemistry?


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Some Filipino scientists that have made a valuable contribution to the field of chemistry are:

• Christina A. Binag
• Julian A. Banzon
• Ishmael D. Ordonez
• Mary Ann A. Endoma

Christina A. Binag is one of the best-known Filipino scientists and her research includes the study of conducting polymers as electrochemical sensors. She also researched the fabrication and the characterization of conducting composite membrane materials.

A biophysicist, Julian Banzon was most interested in the fuel and energy that could be derived from extracts of sugar cane and coconuts. Banzon was fascinated that the coconut could be used as a renewable source of energy.

Ishmael D. Ordonez is well known in the field of chemistry because of his research carried out on behalf of the National Institute of Environmental Health Services and into tobacco related diseases. He has also developed a center where students can research a number of elements of chemistry including rechargeable batteries, bio-sensors and photcatalysis.

The research of anti-cancer products is the specialist subject of Mary Ann A. Endoma. She carried this research out using the plants of the Philippines. By using biochemical processes, she discovered that some plants contain anti-cancer properties. Endoma was awarded the Third World Academy Of Sciences prize in 2003.

Other Filipinos including Clara Y. Lim-Sylianco, Luz Oliveros-Belardo and Alfredo C. Santos, who tried to lower the cost of the production of medicine with his research, have provided other significant contributions in the field of chemistry. Most of the Filipino scientists have carried out their research in different countries throughout the world, including the United States and Australia.
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