What Are The Contributions Of Chemistry In The Society And Industry?


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Chemistry has contributed a lot to both society and to industry. These contributions are anything and everything from your morning coffee which is farmed and roasted using chemistry within industry to the newspaper you read with it which is printed using chemical inks and dyes which are both a contribution to industry and society.

The biggest impact that chemistry has had on society and industry in recent years surrounds environmental issues.
  • Industry
Changes have occurred in industry following advances in science and chemistry. There are different uses of fuels to make industry greener and less expensive. These changes have been beneficial to industry and society as they have increased energy efficiency and have changed the views of some people in society into thinking greener. Some people now make an effort to buy or trade with companies that use greener methods. Industry bodies now take greener methods into account and use chemistry to research greener, cleaner methods to produce products. This can be seen in cars and motorcycles too, hybrid engines are now more advanced and there is focus into greener energy within industry that can then be passed on to consumers.

  • Society
Within society the views of the public have been influenced by advances in chemistry that can be adopted to make the way that we live greener. These advances in areas such as recycling and household cleaning have had an impact on society and this has been due to chemistry and the way that the message has been portrayed to society. Washing products have been developed with the use of chemistry to work just as well at a lower temperature in a washing machine so that we can use less energy and look after the environment.

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