Who Are Some Foreign Scientists And What Are Their Contribution In Chemistry?


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There are hundreds of scientists who are not American who have had a major contribution in the field of chemistry. These include people from the following countries:

• England
• France
• Austria
• Russia

The English physicist Michael Faraday has an important role in the world of science, having built the first electric motor, as well as the first generator and transformer. He also discovered benzene, which is an organic chemical compound.

Louis Pasteur, a famous French scientist, developed the method of pasteurization, and also discovered cures for many diseases including rabies and cholera.

The Austrian scientist, Ludwig Boltzmann developed the Boltzmann equation, which looks at how gas or fluids transport heat and other physical quantities.

The Russian chemist Dmitri Medeleev discovered the periodic table of elements. This table looks at the 118 chemical elements, and the atomic structures they possess. The table breaks the elements down into two main categories, metals and non-metals, although there are other elements that are classed as unknown, and metalloids.

Giulio Natta was an Italian chemist who created polymer chains, the predecessor of the most common plastic that is used today, polypropylene. He won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1963, together with his scientific partner, Karl Ziegler.

Michel-Eugene Chevereul was a famous French chemist who discovered glycerol, and oleic acid, which later led to the invention of margarine. He had a book published on the way colors compliment each other, The Laws of Contrast of Color. This book was most popular in the 19th century amongst artists.
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