What Are Emotional Barriers?


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Emotional barriers can mean many things
It can be a harmful block that stops people from accepting help (but that's already been covered.)
Or It could be a normal wariness and distrust in strangers that you have to cross in order to make freinds, personally I take my sweet time coming over to someone.
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Is when you put a fence up enable the people around you to see how you are holding up in the inside.Emotional Barriers is not allowing people to identify your feelings. For instance a person may look happy on the outside put in the inside you are a disater.
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In health and social, emotional barriers stop people from having inadequate care. For example old people don’t like feeling dependant on other people and are usually reluctant to accept that they need help. People on benefits also tent to set up emotional barriers and usually refuse to be helped, they feel it is shameful. Also emotional barriers tend to separate people away from others. This is where the "DISCUSTING" stereotype "emo" comes from, someone that separates themselves from others are they are afraid of being rejected by other people in life, that maybe do not accept them for who they are :)
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Well , it is something like  putting your hands straight out and not letting anyone get any nearer to you .

Also , it can be you have trained yourself to limit your feelings .

Just a few meanings

P.S. I can relate or have related to this

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There are many emotional barriers, such as:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • passive aggressive behavior
  • eating disorders
An effective method for treating these emotional barriers is bioenergy therapy.  This technique  involves only very light touch and no special equipment.
It's a deeply relaxing, nurturing energy which can leave you refreshed and rejuvenated.  Learn more about how bioenergy therapy can treat emotional barriers here...


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