What Is The Difference Between Parasitic And Saprophytic Nutrition?


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The basic difference is that saprophytic creatures derive their nourishment from dead and decaying matter while parasites derive nourishment from a living creature,known as the host.Parasitic creatures may or may not harm their hosts.
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Holozoic nutrition refers to typical
animal nutrition in which food is 1) internalized, 2) broken down to liquid or
smaller particles, 3) further broken down to individual molecules 4) molecules
are absorbed into the body, and 5) waste is released from the body.

Saprophytic nutrition is nutrition by decomposing organisms like fungus or
bacteria in which food is 1) left external to the organisms, 2) digestive
enzymes are released from the organism into the decomposing material/food, 3)
biomolecules are release from the food particles outside the organism, 4)
molecules are then absorbed into the organism, and 5) waste is left outside

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Parasites are those which get their food or nutrition from their host where as saprophytes get their nutrition from dead and decaying organisms.....
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Parasites are the organism which derives nutrition from its host (which is living) by completing a particular phase of their life cycle or whole life cycle.
Whereas saprophytes are organism which derives nutrition from dead parasites causes harm to host but not the saprophytes.

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