What Is Saprophytic Nutrition?


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This is a type of Heterotrophic Nutrition which means, literally, rotten food. Some organisms, such as bread mold, yeast, mushrooms, and many bacteria feed on dead and decaying matter. This is Saprophytic Nutrition.
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Saprophytic also known as saprotroph or saprobe is basically a kind of organism that derives its nutrients form any kind of non living matter or substance. This non living organism is either dead or either a decaying plant or animal material. This is done by absorbing soluble natural compounds. They fall under the category of heterotroph, who generally does not prepare food for themselves. Their food comprises of any kind of fungi the rest being parasitic, commensal or mutualistic symbionts, bacteria, and protozoa. This term was earlier known as saprophytes. Some kind of saprotrophic organisms are considered to be useful scavengers and are even considered being good dumps break down organic matter.

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