What Are The Advantages Of Descriptive Research?


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There are a number of advantages of descriptive research, however the two main benefits of this research method is being able to use various forms of data as well as incorporating human experience. It gives researchers the ability to look at whatever they are studying in so many various aspects and can provide a bigger overview as opposed to other forms of research.

  • Advantages: Qualitative and quantitative
One of the main benefits of descriptive research is that fact that it uses both quantitative and qualitative data in order to find the solution to whatever is being studied. This in turn can help to describe and give an answer to certain life experiences. For example, when carrying out a case study descriptive research allows various sources to be considered such as personal accounts. With this in mind, it enables a wider view of an issue as opposed to strict numbers and figures which can only account on facts rather than experiences.

  • The collection of data
As I mentioned above, one of the major purposes of descriptive research is to look into every form of data that is possible. In a lot of research methods, only one form can be used such as a survey, and this can only give a limited amount of information. For example, when you go through a survey, you are only accumulating closed answers as opposed to posing open ended questions face to face. However, when using descriptive research people are able to accumulate findings from all forms of data such as personal accounts, case studies or observations. Due to this, a descriptive research method can provide a number of answers to various aspects being studied because you have the numerical element as well as the personal and observational element involved.
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Descriptive research is the type of research that explores and describes the data or characteristics needed for the research. It has several advantages. Some of them are as given below:
  • The people being studied are unaware so they act naturally or as they normally do in everyday situation;
  • It is less expensive and time consuming than quantitative experiments;
  • Collects a large amount of data for detailed studying;
  • As it is used to describe and not make any conclusions it is easier to start the research with it; and
  • It can identify further area of study
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books give physical evidence

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Advantages of Descriptive Research

1. Collecting the data from different different organizations in the specific forms of data collection.

2. Descriptive research designs also offer a unique means of data collection.

3. Confidentiality is the primary weakness of descriptive research.

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