What Are The Scientific Attitudes?


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Beliefs. A scientist believes that everything that happens in this world has a cause or reason.
Curiosity. A scientist shows interest and pays particular attentions to objects or events. He asks questions and seeks answers.
Objectivity. A scientist is objective if he does not allow his feelings and biases to influence his recording of observations, interpretation of data, and formulation of conclusions.
Critical-mindedness. A scientist bases suggestions and conclusions on evidences. When in doubt, he questions the veracity of a statement in relation to the evidences presented.
Open-mindedness. A scientist listens to and respects the ideas of others. He accepts criticism and changes his mind if reliable evidence contrdicts his believes.
Inventiveness. A scientist can generate new and original ideas.
Risk-taking. A scientist expresses his opinions and tries new ideas even at the risk of failure or criticism.
Intellectual honesty. A scientist gives a truthful report of observations. He does not withhold important information just to please himself or others.
Humility. A scientist is humble when he admits that he is not free from commiting errors. He recognizes that there may be better ideas and realizes that there are individuals whom he may have to consult to arrive at correct observations and conclusions.
Responsibility. A scientist actively participates in a task and also dutifully performs tasks assigned to him.
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There are many elements of the scientific attitude, which is not confined to scientists but is a way of looking at the world generally. Ultimately they are all similar - you need to be curious, sceptical and ready to test an idea again and again until it is proved; and you need to abandon your theory if the facts don't fit it. You can find a good list of 10 scientific attitudeshere.
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.intellectual honest.
.keen observer.
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