How Do We Define Terms Psychological Self, Self-hood And Self-Concept?


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Psychological self is obvious among all consumers including males, females, old, young or teenagers. Now consumer likes quality and variety and does not go for the quantity of product alone. It is a challenge for the brand makers in modern marketing and companies offer a vast range of homogenous products, to catter this specific need of customers. Consumer does not need the physical position alone; consumer needs to satisfy his or her psychological needs.      Youth of modern marketing era is well informed, educated, aware of available alternatives, and very good at following new trends. It is not easy to sell a similar product to the youth repeatedly. To cope with this situation companies manage to invent new trendy brands and promote these brands exclusively for the youth.  As most of innovators are young consumers, if a company successfully introduces a new brand, it becomes a hit in growth stage due to overwhelming response of young consumers who like that product.      Selfhood and self-concept are also responsible for developing a specific consumer behaviour towards a brand. Being human, consumer purchases the product that suites his or her personality. Enhancing self-image and building self-identity may not be the basic need of consumer but buying behaviour of consumer is highly effected by these. Self-actualization and sense of social acceptance also motivate consumer to buy a specific products. This is obvious from the behaviour consumer shows while buying clothes, shoes, perfumes, spectacles etc. Similarly, for gender specific products men and women show their self-identity in their own way.    Apart from psychological reasons, some physical and biological reasons are also responsible for gender specific brands. Size, colour, shape, weight and strength of various products bought by female consumers are different from those bought by male consumers i.e., umbrellas, bikes, scooters, pens, bags, spectacles.

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