How do we filter psychological communication barriers?


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Age is a barrier to communication because it is not always easy for an adult or a child or both to relate to one another talking freely unless there is that bond, usually adults expect children to only show respect towards them but they themselves do not show the same respect back.

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In order to filter psychological communication barriers, you must first be aware of them. Here are some pointers on the sorts of psychological  traits and behaviours that act as a barrier to successful communication:

Absolute beliefs

When someone holds very, very determined ideas about a subject it can be almost impossible to communicate with them on that subject. They're are unyielding and unmovable.

Anger or fear

People in a state of anger or fear are closer to being animal than they are human. In extreme states, language is less important - we are ruled by instinct and instinct doesn't lend itself to reason or listening making it a true barrier to communication.

A depressed state

People in a depressed state can feel misunderstood and alienated - a terrible position from which to attempt communications. In this psychological condition, a person should be treated with kindness and care.

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