What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Research Problem?


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You will no doubt find this out once you have understood how to create and formulate a great research problem, but one characteristic that you must not forget about is the ability to provide an insight into an area that has not been studied properly yet. By ensuring that your research problem is able to pinpoint a particular gap in a knowledge base then you can be sure that this characteristic is not only going to make your research problem good, but will make it stand out from others that have already been delivered.

So what should you do? Start by figuring out precisely what it is you want to talk about. Find a topic that interests you. Let's say for instance that you are looking at studying African tribes. Once you've decided this you should think about a few subcategories under this. Once you've got some subcategories arranged you need to figure out what it is that you want to study in particular. This gives your research problem more direction and stops it from being too general. After all, the research needs to be able to offer the reader something beneficial and something of interest.

You then need to spot a gap in the knowledge base. Perhaps people have already written about African tribes. Perhaps you have chosen the topic of tribes in Nigeria, and still, perhaps people have written about those. What you may find however is that people have already research Nigerian tribe behavior. You should then look for something about Nigerian tribes that people haven't already studied, like Nigerian tribe economies. This will make your research problem stand out and it will ensure that your research problem is able to offer something new to the knowledge base of Nigerian tribes.
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The characteristics of a good research problem. (according to someone's second year research teacher.)

T-Time Bomb/Time Conscious

The characteristics of a good research problem. (according to someone's second year research teacher. Thanks sir =])
1. The topic should be of good interest to you.
2. Useful for the concerned people in a particular field
3. Progress Novelty
4. Invites more complex designs / more variables
5. Time-bounded
6. Does not carry ethical or moral impediments =]

It's up to you to choose and that's simply it! =]
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Why do we considered it smart..please reply asap i need more opinion for my assignments,,thank you
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Good research generates dependable data that are derived by professionally conducted practices and that can be used reliably for decision making. Good research follows the standards of the scientific method: Systematic, empirically based procedures for generating replicable research. Here are a few characteristics of a good research report:

1. Purpose of research (that is the problem involved or the decision to be made) is clearly defined
2. Research procedures should be described in sufficient detail to permit another researcher to repeat the research. This includes the steps to acquire participants, informed consent, sampling methods and representativeness, and data gathering procedures.
3. The research procedural design of the research, and its choice among competing designs, should be clearly described and carefully planned to yield results that are as objective as possible. Efforts should be made to minimize the influence of personal bias in selecting and recording data.
4. High ethical standards applied. Careful consideration must be given to those research situations in which there is a possibility for physical or psychological harm, exploitation, invasion of privacy, and/or loss of dignity.
5. The researcher should report, with complete frankness, flaws in procedural design and estimate their effect on the findings. (Remember, there are very few perfect research designs).
6. Analysis of the data should be extensive enough to reveal its significance, what managers call insights. The methods of analysis used should be appropriate. However, adequate analysis of the data is the most difficult phase of research for the novice. The validity and reliability of data should be checked carefully.
7. Some evidence of the competence and integrity of the researcher may be found in the report itself. Presentation of data should be comprehensive, reasonably interpreted, easily understood by the decision maker, and the organized so that the decision maker can readily locate critical findings.
8. Conclusions should be limited to those for which the data provide an adequate basis. Good researchers always specify the conditions under which their conclusions seem to be valid.
9. Greater confidence in the research is warranted if the researcher is experienced, has a good reputation in research, and is a person of integrity. For this reason the research report should contain information about the qualifications of the researcher.
Good business research has an inherent value only to the extent that it helps management make better decisions to achieve organizational goals. Interesting information might be pleasant to have, but its value is limited if the information cannot be applied to a critical decision.
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A good research report must have the follwing requisites:
1. Report must be concise ans specific. The matter in it shd be just be enough to explain the study.
2.A research report should be able to sustains reader's interest. It should be dull.
3.The language used in the report should be simple and easy to understand.Abstract terminology and technical jargon must be avoided.
4. Readers are often interested in acquiring a quick knwoledge of the main findings. So the report must include charts,graphs, tables to concise the findings.
5.The layout of the report should be appropriate and in accrodance with the objective of the research problem.
6. It should be free grammatical errors.
7.It should
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A good research problem should have following criterion (PURE-AFA):

1. Political acceptability

2. Urgency of data

3. Relevance

4. Ethical acceptability

5. Applicability

6. Feasibility

7. Avoidance of duplication

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it should be unique

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The key to a succesful research question is to keep it simple, do not give to much information in you question. Make it an open question. Use what , why, where, when, how, etc. Use more than one of thos ie how and where or why and how. When writing up the answer to a research question, make sure that your question has lots of different answers not just one simple answer. Good luck
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There's no exact answer to your question.. Ill give you some advice.. Go to your library den search there
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Try something that interests you, and which has a lot of information about it, available.

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