What Are The Characteristic Of Research?


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  • Definition of research
Research is an extremely important part of our lives and is generally thought of as searching for knowledge. It is the method used to find facts, figures, descriptions, theories, ideas, methods and problems.

Researching is an investigation to find things out and once we have found what we are looking for we should view it with an open mind and use this new knowledge to develop ourselves and the world around us. Research is often thought of as being scientific, however this is not always the case. It can be anything from a cookery recipe to a cure for cancer. Research can cover all areas of knowledge across the entire universe.

  •   Why we research
Research will often begin with a question or a quest for a solution. It may be sparked by curiosity or a physical demand for the information. It could be funded by the government, scientific institution, charity, university or personally funded by someone with an interest.

Research can require anything from reading a book to carrying out scientific experiments using specialist equipment and volunteers. Historical research will usually involve reading through textbooks, old newspapers, diaries or letters; and whenever possible talking to people who experienced that piece of history.

  • How we research
The way we research everything is changing as technology develops. While in the past, free research may have been restricted to library books and perhaps the opportunity to talk to an expert, research for everyday subjects is now almost limitless. We can use the internet to search for what seems like an unlimited wealth of knowledge.

As the experts and scientists make new discoveries we can guarantee that information will be on the internet within days and can be accessed freely by anyone.
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The characteristic of research are

1. It is based on the experiment, examination and results

2. A sequence of procedure is carried out

3. Research is done to answer a problem and it may lead to many other questions.

4. It needs data gathering

5. Research is done on the basis of comparison of the old data and the new result generated.

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