What Are The Characteristics A Research Problem?


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There are many aspects and characteristics of a good research problem. The first and one of the most important characteristics of a research problem is that you need to be able to understand and make sure the reader is aware you understand the problem fully.

Another characteristic is the physical research. You need to make sure you research the problem as much as possible so that you can find the best solution and be able to back up all your theories and solutions.

Once you have fully explained the research you have conducted you need to explain the results you have gained from the research and how this relates to the problem. This is an important section as it is showing what you have learned from the research.

Finally, the last characteristic of a research problem is the conclusion. In this, you need to resolve the original problem by using the research you have done and referring back to the original problem as much as possible.

All of these characteristics need to be applied to a good research problem to make it thorough and conclusive. Without these the research may fall apart, the problem may not appear to be fully solved or the general structure of the problem may not seem clear and consistent.
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Research originates with a question or problem.

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