How Does Insect Pollination Benefit Flowers?


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Plants depend on pollination to survive.
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It has been estimated that 85 percent of flowering plants are dependent on insect pollination.Among the many insects carrying out this function are honeybees, bumblebees, flies, beetles, moths and butterflies. And if such insects did not do their job, many of these plants, perhaps most of them, would die out. That would affect, not only the beautiful flowers that add so much enjoyment to man's life, but also his food supply. Man would indeed be in big trouble.

Insects also play a beneficial role as scavengers and soil builders. Dead plant and animal matter attracts many kinds of insects. They eat this dead matter and their digestive systems break it down into different chemical combinations. In this way the dead matter is turned into food that can be used by plants.
Not only their excreta, but the insects themselves eventually turn into food for plants. This happens when they die and their bodies decompose, in this way adding fertilizer to the soil.

Insects also help to add to the thickness of rich topsoil. This is done by insects continually bringing up particles of sub-soil to the surface. In the process they dig tunnels in the soil, and this helps too. It enables water to filter down through the soil and it aerates it at the same time.

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