Examples Of Wind And Insect Pollinated Flowers Please?


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- sugarcane
- grass flower
- cereal plants e.g rye, maize, wheat, rice

- buttercup
- daisy
- sweet pea
- orchids
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Wind pollinated flowers:
Insect pollinated flower:
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Pollination is basically a process that enables transfer of pollen grains. This includes the transfer of the male gametes or sperms to the female gametes that are inside the carpel. Pollination is a kind of sexual reproduction in the flowering plants.

Pollinarion can occur through a number of ways. There is a kind of pollination that occurs through wind, then there is another type of pollination that occurs through water. Apart from that it also occurs from insects and other animals.

There are numerous examples of insect pollinators. In fact 200,000 varieties of animals are pollinators. These include ants (Hymenoptera, Beetles, moth , butterflies, flies etc.

The examples of Wind pollination includes pollination in grass, conifers and deciduous trees.

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