What Is The Difference Between Wind And Insect Pollinated Flowers?


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Insect pollnated flower are large, produce scent, nectar, produce few pollen grains and have bright petals or sepals examples are Hibiscus, pride of barbados, flamboyant e.t.c. While wind pollinated flower are small, absent of scent, nectar,produce numerous pollen grains and have dull petals and sepals, examples are maize, millet e.t.c
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Insect pollination :
Is pollination helped by insect, usually the flower have bright color, and have a nectar (flowers honey) in it to attract the insect, the pollen (male) and pistil (female) are on one flower.

Wind pollination :
Is pollination helped by the wind, usually the flower does not have bright color, have a smaller pollen size (so the wind can carry the pollen), the pollen (male) and pistil (female) are usually not in one flower.

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