What Are The Contribution Of Lourdes J.cruz In Chemist?


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Lourdes J. Cruz is a biochemist whose extensive research has contributed hugely to the understanding of the biochemistry of toxic peptides from the poisonous venom of fish-hunting Conus marine snails.

The characterization of over 50 biologically active peptide's from the snail's venom has been made possible by her studies. She also contributed to the studying of the human brain by way of helping in the development of conotoxins as tools. An example of a conotoxins is w-conotoxin, widely used for studying neutral calcium channels in the brain, and m-conotoxin, to be used when muscular activity must be closely controlled in order to examine events at the synapse.

Dr. Cruz' scientific awards include: The NAST Outstanding Young Scientist Award,1981; the NRCP Achievement Award in Chemistry, 1982; and the Outstanding Women in the Nation's Services Award (Bio-chemistry).

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