When Was The Solar Panel Invented?


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There has been research carried out into the possibility of solar panels since 1839 but it was 1883 before Charles Fritts perfected it. It may have been thought of as a fairly new source of energy but while there are improvements all the time the technology is well over 100 years old

Solar power is becoming much more popular but it will only be really cost effective in very hot and sunny countries. At times there are concerns about the amount of energy that is being used and if solar power could be harnessed more readily the earth’s natural resources would last longer

There is no waste or pollution either and once a panel is fitted it should led to long term savings. As they do not have any moving parts they will last a long time before they need to be replaced. There are no moving parts so there is no need to be concerned that they may break. Add to this the fact they need little doing to look after them.

Although there will clearly be more benefit gained from installing the panels on a large scale it is possible for them to still work on a small scale. A person who just has one panel on their roof will still find a saving in their bills but it will be hard to generate so much that they would be able to let others use. The more people who begin to sort out their own energy the better as it will not just be the amount that they don’t use that help but the fact that it will be an ongoing saving.
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Solar panel is a group of solar cells connected together. A solar cell is a device that is able to convert energy contained in light into electrical energy through photovoltaic process.

Work on a solar cell began as early as 1839 with research undertaken by a French physicist Antoine-Csar Becquerel. The first person to develop a solar cell was Charles Fritts in the year 1883. However, these cells developed before the year 1941 had very poor energy conversion efficiencies often falling below one percent. In the year 1941, Russel Ohl invented the first silicon solar cell.

In the year 1954 a group of American scientists including Calvin Fuller, Gerald Pearson and Daryl Chapin developed a silicon solar cell with higher energy conversion efficiency of above six percent. They formed an array of several silicon strips placing them together to capture light energy and thus developed the first solar panel. Bell Laboratories from New York was the first company to bring out a prototype of a solar battery into the market.
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Solar panels date back to 1800s, when the  industrial revolution was at its peak. Solar energy based industries were developed to heat water
that created steam to run machines.

In 1893 Alexandre Edmond Becquerel invented the solar energy effect which explains how electricity is produced from sunlight.  The main solar panels we use nowadays were invented by Russell Ohl in the year 1941.

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Solar panels were first invented as a method of capturing solar energy and converting it into usable energy (electricity and heat). We thought too ourselves “the sun provides us with so much free energy, what if we could somehow utilize it?”

Solar panels can be used in many ways, but generally, it is used by residential and commercial properties to generate a cleaner yet the affordable source of electricity. Depending on how you decide to connect your solar system, you have the ability to be completed disconnected from the grid so your property is self-sustainable, as well as the option to feed the energy back to the grid to produce either revenue or credit.

Now solar panels are used for one main purpose and that is to replace other forms of expensive and inefficient methods of generating electricity. Fossil fuel, for example, is not only expensive but extremely detrimental to our environment. The reason solar is massively subsidized is for the fact that it is a greener alternative for energy production.

By providing a cleaner source of electricity, solar will help improve our environmental conditions, provide safer and cheaper electricity for property owners, improve our economy, and can especially help developing countries that cannot afford electricity.

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Charles Fritts invented it in 1883 but as this time line shows there is evidence of solar power being used as far back as 700 B.C.!!* 700 B.C.A magnifying glass is used to concentrate the sun's rays on a fuel and light a fire for light, warmth, and cooking.* 300 B.C.Greeks and Romans use mirrors to light torches for religious purposes.* 200 B.C.As early as 212 B.C., Greek scientist Archimedes makes use of the reflective properties of bronze shields to focus sunlight and set fire to Rome's wooden ships, which were besieging Syracuse. (Although there is no proof that this actually happened, the Greek navy recreated the experiment in 1973 and successfully set fire to a wooden boat 50 meters away.)* 20 A.D.The Chinese report using mirrors to light torches for religious purposes.* 100 to 400 A.D.In the first to the fourth centuries, Roman bath houses are built with large, south-facing windows to let in the sun's warmth.* 600 A.D.Sunrooms on houses and public buildings are so common that the Justinian Code establishes "sun rights" to ensure that a building has access to the sun.* 1300 A.D.In North America, the ancestors of Pueblo people known as Anasazi build south-facing cliff dwellings that capture the warmth of the winter sun.* 1700 to 1900 A.D.Solar contraptions such as photovoltaic fiber, solar cells, and solar steam engines are invented. Eventually a water heater is power by solar electricity.* 1900sSolar technology improved thousands of times over, with a vast array of solar materials and solar collectors being constructed and implemented all over the world. Entire towns are powered by solar energy by the year 2000. Buildings are constructed with photovoltaic glass and green roofs, and are self-sustainable thanks to the advancements is solar power conversion.* 2000sHouses are powered with residential solar power systems sold in Home Depot, and NASA builds rockets and planes powered entirely by solar energy. Solar power is regarded as an inefficient possible solution to the upcoming oil issue.I got this information from
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The photovoltaic effect was first recognized in 1839 by French physicist A. E. Becquere but In 1883, Charles Fritts made the first solar cell ever.
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The solar cell was invented in 1883 by Charles Fritts but the idea actually came from a magnifying glass using sun rays to kill ants and make fires.
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Rofl I like the way no one knows the real answer :3 And if it was invented a while ago, How come they are just recently being used :D? >> Jeez

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