Which Is The Magnetic Material Having Relative Permeability?


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Different materials can be classified as either magnetic materials or non magnetic materials (air, glass, wood, paper, porcelain, plastic and rubber etc). However, it should be noted that even though these non magnetic materials cannot be magnetized, they allow the magnetic flux to pass through them. Magnetic materials may be further sub divided into following three groups as regard their magnetic properties: ferromagnetic materials, paramagnetic materials and ferry.

These are the most important magnetic materials used in electricity and electronics. They are easily and strongly magnetized into same direction as the field. They have high value of relative permeability from fifty to five hundred that is they conduct magnetic flux fifty to five thousand times more easily than air. Most commonly used ferromagnetic materials are: iron, steel, nickel, cobalt and commercial alloys such as alnico, perm alloy and super alloy.

Alnico is a trade name for an alloy aluminum, nickel, iron and cobalt. Permanent magnets made of alnico; perm alloy has a relative permeability of order of one hundred thousand. Similarly, spuermalloy is an alloy of nickel, iron, molybdenum and manganese.
Paramagnetic materials become only slightly or weakly magnetized in a strong magnetic field in the same direction as the field. They conduct magnetic flux only slightly better than vacuum. This group includes aluminum, chromium, platinum and manganese. Ferrites are the name of given to recently-discovered ceramic materials that have the ferromagnetic properties of iron.

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