How Enzymes Helps Us In Current Medical Diagnosis?


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In the United States, the major importance of enzymes in medicine at present at this measurement of enzymes levels as an acid to diagnosis. They are used to determine the level of the specific enzymes present in the blood, urine, body fluids or tissues. Diagnostic enzymes are also important in estimating the concentration of a substances and metabolites. Progress has been obtained in diagnosis because a wider variety of pure and stable enzymes, as noted before, are now commercially available. Also highly sophisticated equipment and techniques are now available for enzymes assays. These include radioimmunoassays and enzymes immunoassays designed to measure the level of specific enzymes. Many of these enzymes tests are easy to assay and automate. These tests are offend proffered over older test because the differences between the normal specimen and the disease specimen are clearly demonstrate and diagnostically significant. The enzyme utilize are sufficiently stable and allow storage for a limited but reasonable time. With these advances there has been a parallel increase in laboratory research utilizing similar sophisticated techniques and equipments.
Available diagnostic test can demonstrate plasma-specific enzymes that are associated with the normal function of the plasma, such as the blood coagulation components, complement activation components and lipoprotein metabolism. Newer test can also determine non plasma-specific enzymes, such as those resulting from abnormal cellular metabolisms that have no actual function in the plasma where coenzymes or substrates are lacking. They are present in the plasma as a result of other body problems, such as liver disease, heart attacks, and muscle diseases, diseases of the pancreas or cancer. Examples include some phosphatases, transaminases, lipases and amylases.
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