What Are Therapeutic Enzymes?


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Therapeutic enzymes are those enzymes which can be safely used in medicine either isolately or in adjunct with other therapies so that different diseases and medical conditions can be cured effectively and safely.
The use of the therapeutic enzyme in Europe and other countries is similar to their use in the United States, with some exception. Oral proteolytic or hydrolytic enzyme mixtures are used more extensively as ethical, approved medical treatments outside the United States. Millions of patients are treated yearly with these preparations. In the particular they are frequently use in the treatment of arthritis, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune disorder and cancer. In reference to cancer, studies in Korea and Europe have reported in overall decrease in mortality and decrease in relapse rated after oral therapeutic enzymes mixtures. And apparent decrease in the mortality was also reported in Korea by a highly respected scientist and internationally recognized immunologist, Dr. Chin Po Kim, who cited a remarkable 23% over all five years mortality rate in cancer patient who received oral enzyme mixtures. This compare very favorably with the result of the standard chemotherapy and radiation treatments cited in the American medical literature (DeVita).
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Therapeutic enzymes are enzymes used in the therapy of specific medical problems.

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