What Are The Three Parts Of The Brain Stem?


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The uniqueness of the human anatomy lies in a countable number of organs controlling innumerable vital functions. The heart and brain are among the most important parts of the body. While the heart ensures the controlled flow of life-giving blood to all parts of the body, the brain controls body movements. The brain stem is the lower part of the brain and also the most sensitive and delicate. This part amazingly controls all those body functions that we do not even pay much attention to! Surprisingly, some of these functions include blood-pressure, swallowing, breathing and even our heartbeats.

The brains stem connects the forebrain or the cerebral section of the brain and the cerebellum section. The connectivity between the two hemispheres of the brain is possible due to the spinal cord that is a part of the brain stem. Together, the two distinct parts of the brain and the spinal cord make up the brain stem. The brain stem is studied in three parts. They are (1) pons (2) medulla oblongata and (3) the small area above the pons called the mid-brain. The body balance and co-ordination is taken care of by this section of the brain.

The brain stem is probably the most delicate part of the brain. This part can be identified outwardly at the nape of the neck and any injury to the region proves fatal.

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