What Is The Weather In Morocco Like?


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Depending where you are in Morocco, temperatures can range from 22 to 41 degrees. The average temperature in Morocco in July/Aug is 32 degrees. Meaning it will be a hot holiday so make sure to take some sun crme with you. Also make sure you drop by Marrakesh and enjoy exquisite local food and hospitality.
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Summers are hot, especially in the south, winters are a great temperature for winter sun holidays. Weather in the Atlas mountains is a bit more changable with deep snow and even skiiing in parts.
Essawira, on the west coast, is windy, very very windy, a mecca for windsurfers the world over.
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It's hot and sunny for most of the year in Morocco.
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It's a hot country, so it 's hot all the year of 4 seasons.
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Morocco has a generally tropical climate but it has a diverse weather conditions as it can soar to temperatures of 35 degrees and drop to as low as 5 degrees. It is best to visit from April to May and September to November.

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