How You Compare Human Language Against Animal Communication?


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1.vocal auditory channel feedback
9.learn ability
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So far, the main similarities and differences between human and animal communication can be summarized as follows: human language is a signalling system which used sounds, a characteristic shared by a large number of animal systems. In animal communication, there is frequently a connection between the signal and the message sent, and the system is mainly genetically inbuilt. In human language, the symbols are mostly arbitrary, and the system has to be painstakingly transmitted from one generation to another.

Duality and displacement-the organization of language into two layers, and the ability to talk about absent object and events- are extremely rare in animal world; no animal communication system has both these features. Creativity, the ability to produce novel utterances, seems not to be present in any natural communication system possessed by animals. Finally, patterning and structure dependence may also be unique language features. This is true of all language in the world, which are remarkably similar in their main design features.

There is no evidence that any language is more 'primitive' than any other. There are certainly primitive cultures. A primitive culture is reflected in the vocabulary of a language, which might lack words common in advanced societies. But vocabulary is superficial. Even the most primitive tribes have languages whose underlying structure is much bit as complex as English or Russian or Chinese.
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...8 so happen because of what we called "CULTURE"...

nothing follows..
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Five features that distinguish a language from a communication system
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Animals communicate only when needed, there wont be any misconception or misunderstanding between them,but human always communicate and they also have thinking ability to think in a different manner and make misunderstanding purposely.
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There is lack of syntactic structure and word order is erratic in the case of animal communication and human language is unique because of the human capacity to verbalize.

Some of the design features which make human language different from animal communication include Vocal auditory channel functioning, great flexibility,  fast monitoring, interchangeability, creativity, semantic, unbounded and non-discrete expressions.

In other words, human language approaches to the infinite set of meaningful utterances and the animals communication is more restricted.
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Based entirely on dogs and cats... The two animals I am around most.....

Both clearly communicate with one another, written and recorded documentation is the largest difference between our specie's.
Otherwise we all seem to share the same thoughts through vocal and physical means - anger, joy, displeasure, excitment etc....

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