What Is Electronic Communication?


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This comes in many forms, and indeed one of the most common and well known is email. Email was created as a way of contacting an individual around the same time that the Internet was created. When the Internet first came about, it was a difficult concept for many people to understand. They did not realise the potential of it and they did not realise precisely what it could do. Email was just one of the first things that demonstrated the practical use of this new online world.

Email works as electronic communication in that everybody who wants to use it will be able to get their own email address. The address will be unique and can be used to contact the person at any time - it merely depends on when the individual wants to read their emails. Your email address will start with a word, or word, of your choice. It will then end with the domain name, which should resemble ‘’. .com, .org and more can be used at the end of the domains, and the domain will be the name of the company that is offering you the service. Hence, an email address could be ‘[email protected]’.

This email address will allow you to receive not only text, but attachments. People can attach files to text messages, which include images, sounds and even videos. This means that you can not only communicate with people, but you can share data, documents and things that just make you laugh. Think of it as an early Facebook.

Electronic communication also comes in the form of text messaging. Text messaging is a form of electronic communication that is similar to email, but instead requires you to use your mobile phone and a carrier. The carrier will be able to send your message over the telephone network, whilst the phone will be used to write the text in the first place.
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It's hard to believe that only a century ago, business people were writing letters with a pen and ink, and filling in verticals tons one document on top of the other field simply in order they were written. As recently as a decade ago, communication technology in business concerned little more than the electric typewriter, copy machines, straight file dresser, and the telephone and telegram. Even recently few years ago, most business people were not using personal computers at all.

You can see the same sort of sequence in business communication books. As the twentieth century began, textbook examples consisted of longhand letters. By mid of the century the examples were typewritten. Now days you can see major changes, mechanized research sources, different techniques to create at the word processor, computer graphics etc.
Generally one change is in the way business people can now congregate information. Others changes affects the way business people write, word processing and electronic mail. We see that through all these changes people will be able to communicate in easy and fast way. A lot of time can be saved due to these technologies.
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Electrical communication

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