Theories! For human growth and development and its effects on communication and language skills and abilites?


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Humanity has risen over the thousands of years it has existed through nurture. Nature started us off, but the generations taught the new generations, and they themselves taught, be they parents, teachers or colleagues. As a result, humanity grew ever more knowledgeable and we are here today - entering the 21st Century and a new technological era.

There are those that argue we are nothing without the nurturing capacity of a parent. We learn our speech from them and we learn how to move properly with their assistance. We learn habits, behavior and actions, and we develop social skills that enable us to communicate not only verbally but to interact and be confident in doing so. As a result, most infants grow up being able to speak, read and write fluently and complete their studies to a high standard and fit into society well, with lovers and friends and work colleagues.

The counter argument is that nature is the prime source for everything and it determines a great deal and should be adhered to. A scientific study a few years ago involving babies and infants found that left to their own devices in terms of language, they actually invented their own. They devised a series of sounds, albeit basic, and expressive noises to indicate different things. Should this study be taken further one day then it could show a glimpse of the past in terms of human evolution and the importance of nature's involvement and the nurturing capacity of family and society.

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