Where Is Madeira?


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Madeira is part of a group of Portuguese islands that also include Porto Santo that are situated at a distance of 545 km from the North West coast of Africa (Morocco) and 964 km from Lisbon, Portugal in the Atlantic Ocean. The islands often named as Madeira together are one of the most well known tourist spots in the World; with records of tourists arriving since the 1890s.

Madeira is simply a paradise on sea with a mild and sunny climate, lush colorful valleys, steep mountains and the sea which breaks on the cliffs giving one a feeling of truly being cut off from the World. The islands boast of an eventful maritime history dating from the fifteenth century and the old world ambiance can be still felt here. Porto Santo is famous for its beaches and a museum dedicated to Christopher Columbus while another island Desertas is a nature preserve. Tourists can enjoy holidays Madeira style; some of the popular features being fishing, diving, surfing and sailing and also the delicious sea food cuisine.

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