What Is The Role Of Salt In Human Body? How Much One Should Take In A Day? What Is The Negative Impact Of The Salt In Our Body?


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Salt in the human body make us live by activating our brain cells , for good digestion etc. Actually the quantity of salt one should consume in a day is hardly 100mg which we obviously get from the daily meals i.e from the raw vegetables, fruits, grains and pulses.  We all know that our body is made up of millions of cells. When the intake of salt grows the salt is accumulated on inside and outside the cell. This is similar to a toxic waste. If we drink water more there is a great chance of the salt to drag away from the cell. Hence our sweat is salty.  Our body functioning is so genius that it can itself protect from everything. The huge salts accumulated in the body is driven out in the form of urine, sweat, etc.  The negative impact is high blood pressure, kidney failure, brain hemorrhage, paralysis due to high B.P etc.  My sincere advise to every one is to habituate eating very less salt or too good avoiding it in some food items. Never stop immediately avoiding it, avoid slowly so that you don't feel inconvenient.  Drink lots and lots of water to remove toxic waste from body.
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Per day your maximum amount of salt is 6g I think.
If you have too much I think all your nerve cells go bad.
Salt also blocks up your heart .

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