What Are The Examples Of Natural And Man-made Ecosystem/give Pictures Of It?


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To understand different examples of natural and man-made ecosystems, we must first identify what an ecosystem actually is. Put in the simplest terms possible, ecosystems are any collections of plant or animal species that reside in the same area, compete with one another for resources and interdepend on one another for survival as part of a food chain and/or a wider food web.

As the name suggests, natural ecosystems are naturally occurring. They are part of the natural world and come into being without human interference. They can appear in range of forms and do not need to be maintained because they work independently without human activity triggering or developing them. Examples of everyday natural ecosystems that we encounter - often without even realizing -include forests, lakes, ponds and mountains. In all of these environments, various animal and plant species reside and depend on one another to live. Population levels here are controlled by natural selection, where the species with the most useful adaptations for the environment which they live in outlive other members of their community in a 'survival of the fittest' type process.

On the other hand, man-made ecosystems exist as a result of human developments to satisfy a select role or purpose. Whether built for leisure, scientific investigations or to provide food, they would not exist if humans hadn't first created them. More often than not, man-made ecosystems are less complex than natural ones because they are carefully observed, controlled and maintained. If humans didn't keep tabs on man-made ecosystems, the animal and plant species in them would probably die. Examples of commonly seen man-made ecosystems include farms, back yard ponds, fish tanks, orchards and parks. In all of these environments, the animal and plant species are compiled by human beings and don't merely exist as a result of natural causes. It is this basic fact that defines natural ecosystems from man-made varieties.

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