Human activities that Disrupt the ecosystem?


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Human activities that disrupt the ecosystem include pollution that happens when people pour toxic solutions, such as cleaning solvents, down the drain. While water filtration systems used by city staff to clean water for drinking, cooking, and bathing have come a long way, they still can't eradicate every trace of toxins from water that flows into water treatment plants.

This is the reason why many people choose to filter the water they drink at home. Often, our main waterways are polluted through human activities, such as illegal dumping of garbage and so on. Sometime, pathogenic bacteria may grow when certain items are dumped in waterways, such as rivers and lakes. The pollution in waterways affects the ecosystem by damaging marine life, and affecting the lives of animals and birds that feed on fish and other marine organisms.

  • Other examples 

Pollution from factories that are run by human beings also contributes to disruption of the normal ecosystem. The air becomes polluted badly, as in Los Angeles, where smog is present on most days. Smog is a sign that too much pollution is in the air - it appears as a dirty, streaky line in the sky.

  • Human health risks

Many cities in Asia also have serious smog issues, and they affect the ecosystem, along with impacting negatively on human health. For example, respiratory problems are on the rise in cities where smog is omnipresent; today, more people than ever before are suffering from lung disorders and asthma that may be linked with environmental factors. 

To learn more about the ecosystem, study the writings of environmentalists and scientists, such as Canadian scientist/activist David Suzuki. There are plenty of online websites and blogs devoted to the effects human behaviors and activities have on the ecosystem. Greenpeace is one popular organization that works hard to inform the public about problems with the ecosystem.
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Water pollution, land clearing, interferon with animal migration, habitats reduced, air pollution, acid rain, nuclear wast, oil slicks, runoff, chlorofluorocarbons, logging, runaway phenomenon, desertification, overpopulation, poor farming, affects on food chains, Creating Dams, after math of war, poaching
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The human cut trees so if there will have a big rain then no body can sip the water so it will cause an erosion,flash floods and etc.
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Manufacturing and illegal dumping.
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For example if specific human activity causes  a lack of food growth due to bad soil, then animals will have to compete for the food. However some animals will die because not enough food will be available.
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A human can affect an Ecosystem  by Illegal jogging, Illegal or iImproper garbage disposal , oil spilling , dynamite fishing , and Kaingin System.

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