Does Temperature Affect The Growth Of Seeds Or Plants?


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As I observed in my experimentation,the plant which is watered with cold and hot water increase its height and the number of its leaves compared to the plant which is watered with normal temperature of water or simply,the lukewarm water.
I'm not still finish in my experimentation,,thats why I'm wishing that my observation and my hypothesis( my educated guess) will be proved right or correct.wish me luck!

I hope I can help through my so called" educated guess" HAHA.
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That the temperature can affect the growth of the seeds or plants because the cold will make the seeds or plants die and won't get food and water.
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Yes, of course. Say for example if the temperature of the Earth changed by even 1 degrees celsius many plants could die and many others can be created or produced. (Does that answer help or be good enough for rating?)
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Yes it does it is colder under the earth than it is on top of the earth that is why they usually give you a depth for plants and seeds,they suggest you cover your plants to keep the frost away from them when it is cold,you are requested to water your plants when it is hot after sun down so as not to have the sun heat the water and burn them,if you do it after sun down by the time the sun comes up the water will have seeped to the lower level of the eath and roots of the plant...good luck
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