What Is A Vacuole?


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A vacuole is a cell part that stores minerals, water, and waste for the cell.
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Vacuole is basically a membrane enclosed organelle. It is present in most of the Eukaryotic cells.Vacuoles are filled with fluid such as water or a number of enzymes and are formed as a result of fusion of multiple membrane vesicles. It has no shape or size as it changes with the needs of the cell.

A Vacuole helps in isolation of harmful material. It also helps in maintaining an acidic PH. It contains waste materials and maintains hydrostatic pressure or turgor.
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It stores water
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A vacuole is a fluid filled cavity that is found only in plant cells. It does not exist in animal cells. In some plant cell, the vacuole forms nearly four fifths of the volume of the cell.

When it fills with water, the expanded vacuole pushes the cytoplasm of the cell right up against the rigid outer cell wall. This makes the cell turgid ~ it can therefore support the stem or leaf that it is part of.

The cell sap contained within the vacuole is not just water. It also contains a complex mixture of dissolved sugars, salts, pigments and waste products. The sugars and salts form a store of nutrients for the plants and the pigments provide colour ~ for example to flower petals.

Some plants store large amounts of toxic substances in the vacuole and this makes their stems and leaves very unattractive to animals that want to eat them as food.
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A vacuole is a large space filled with cell sap - a week solution of sugar and salts which is present in the centre of a plant cell.

hope this helps.

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A vacuole is basically a water container in a plant cell. The exact definition is:


A membrane-bound cavity within a cell, often containing a watery liquid or secretion.

A minute cavity or vesicle in organic tissue.
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It is a fluid-filled space enclosed by a membrane. Animal cells may have small vacuoles but they are usually not permanent. Vacuoles may contain water and food substances. A plant cell usually has a large central vacuole which contains a liquid called cell sap. It contains dissolved substances such as sugars, mineral salts, and amino acids. This large vacuole is enclosed by a membrane called the tonoplast.
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