What Does The Vacuole Do In The Plant Cell?


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It stores water food and waste.
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Vacuole is one of the organelle in both plant and animal cell.In plant cell there is only one fluid filled vacuole in the center.
In plants its main functions include;
1.Storage and separation of the substances that are harmful for the cell.
2.It maintains an internal acidic pH.
3.It stores extra water and maintains the shape of the cell.In other words it maintains the turgour pressure inside the cell.
4.It pushes the cellular organelles towards the cell membrane thus helps to keep chloroplasts exposed more to light.

In animals cell and other single cellular organisms they help in exo and endocytosis, the transport of wanted and unwanted materials inside and outside the cell. A vacuole is also involved in autophagy.
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It stores water and foods
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A Vacuole is an important part of a cell whether it be a plant cell or an animal cell. They have a number of functions and play a major role in autophagy.

The plant cells normally have more than one vacuoles and occupy around 30% of the cell's volume. It is surrounded by a membrane called tonoplast.

Vacuole has large amounts of cell sap, which is composed of water, enzymes, inorganic ions, salts and toxic byproducts etc. The toxins in the vacuole prevent the plant from predators. It helps in transport of protons from cytosol which helps in keeping PH more stable.

It is helpful in storage of nutrients. It also helps in maintaining turgor pressure inside the cell against the cell wall. Which helps the plant to maintain its posture.

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I'm a year 7 student, now I m learning biology, through my research (even though I never learnt anything) I think that the vacuole stores nutrients
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Well it does a series of things:it eats at your cell leaving the cell dieing, then it eats away all ways to have the food and waste out of your body!!
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I don't UNDERSTAND any of this what does a vacuole do in a plant cell I know is stores water food and waste but come on what does it DO ????
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It stores food and water no duhh. Anyone could know that comme on step it up dudee.

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