What Are The Different Cells In The Blood?


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There are three types of blood cells, red blood cells (Erythrocytes), white blood cells (Leucocytes), and platelets(small disc shaped cells involved in blood clotting.
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There are two basic types of blood cell, white blood cells and red blood cells.

Red blood cell are much more plentiful in the blood than white cells. There are between 4 and 6 million red blood cells in every cubic millimetre of blood volume. There are only about 6000 white blood cells in the same volume.

Although there is only one type of red blood cell ~ the erythrocyte ~ there are different sorts of white cell. Neutrophil are the most common, making up about 50 - 70 % of the total white cell count. Lymphocytes (24-40%) are the second most common and there are also monocytes (3 - 8 %), eosinophils (2 - 4 %) and basophils (0.5 - 1 %).

The red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen and carbon dioxide around the body. White blood cells are a major part of the immune system of the body, the system that fights back against bacteria, viruses and parasites. Lymphocytes, for example, produce antibodies, chemicals that help defend against infection and they also attack invaders directly. Neutrophils engulf bacteria, destroying them using chemicals and easinophils attack parasites that gain entry to the body.

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