If You Were A Plant, What Kind Of Plant Would You Want To Be?


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Suhail Ajmal Profile
Suhail Ajmal answered
I would like to be a palm tree long, high and blossomed so that people can take rest underneath it on summer days and children would play under it's shadow.
Stephanie Carlovich Profile
I think maybe an oak tree. They are so sturdy and strong, seem to withstand anything and live a long time.
Nikki Nikki Profile
Nikki Nikki answered
I would be a white lily, the symbol of purity. They also have a nice scent, not to powerful but enough to be fragrant. It also has other properties that can be useful.
maribel abendan Profile
maribel abendan answered
I think id choose to be a can't step on it...swat it with your bare hands or something..and id be the prettiest plant on the dessert in the eyes of a thirsty human being....*grin*
cooper shannon Profile
cooper shannon answered
I would be a weeping willow tree, it seems to fit my personality so well. I feel the need to always be near a source of water. If you take time to watch branches in a light breeze they look other worldly. I remember the grandness of looking up from underneath, the multifaceted colors of green, everything from spring green to jade green, as well shades I couldn't even identify. I don't look at them as being downhearted trees, just peaceful, and unrequited. Good fortune
Tauseef Sheikh Profile
Tauseef Sheikh answered
I'd like to be a date tree. Because it has resemblance with the human beings and it is like human beings. I wish I should be that.
Pamela Brumm Profile
Pamela Brumm answered
If I could be any plant... I'd pick gardenias. They smell great, they have beautiful flowers and they have those pretty green waxy leaves when they aren't in bloom.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I would be a apple tree. Beautiful to look at. Shady to lie under in the hot summertime and a source of yummy fruit.
Yin And Yang Profile
Yin And Yang answered

My oldest daughter said she would want to be a succulent plant.

My second daughter said she would want to be an aloe vera plant or a pepper tree.

alecia bane Profile
alecia bane answered

Really It's an interesting question which turned me on think about this.

I like to be the beautiful Kentucky coffeetree. :)

Tom  Jackson Profile
Tom Jackson answered

A Venus Fly Trap, contingent upon my choice of which in the order Diptera I may feast upon.

Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I think I would like to be a Grandfather Plant or maybe a Wall Plant,
I don't think that I would want to be an Alarm Plant. You know a
Tullip would be nice.

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