What Is Ethane? What Is Ethane Made Up Of?


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Ethane is a hydrocarbon gas made from petroleum. It is the second (first is methane) in a series of simple hydrocarbon petrochemical compounds in a family of related compounds named Alkanes, all of which have the feature of containing only single bonds between carbon atoms. Similarly, there is a like family of hydrocarbon compounds which feature only double bonds between carbon atoms. This family of related compounds are named Alkenes. And the name for the related family of hydrocarbons with triple bonds between carbon atoms is Alkynes. This should be more than you will ever want to know about Ethane and its cousins, unless you plan to study chemistry. Good Luck my friend.
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Ethane is ouderless, gaseous, hydrocarbon (C2H6)of the methane series, present in crude oil, Try google ;)

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