What Are The Advantages Of Interpersonal Communication?


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The main advantage of interpersonal communication is the fact that you can create relationships with other people while being able to understand and maintain them. If you do not have the ability to have interpersonal skills then you will struggle to express any feelings or emotions with people as well as empathize with various situations.

  • Advantages: Establishing Relationships
There are a huge number of ways to communicate with people but the main skill that you need to have in order to form lasting friendships and relationships is interpersonal skills. Being able to relate to a person and understand their feelings is vital in relationships. To have this form of communication will help you to maintain a link with this person or even end a relationship if needs be. Everyone is aware of the fact that people can form different degrees of relationships with people. These include, friendly, professional and romantic relationships, but to name a few. Having the ability to convey interpersonal skills allows individuals to form and maintain these particular relationships. These skills allow you to adapt to certain people and know how to interact with them on the basis of your relationship with them.

  • In the Workplace
If you are working in an environment where you are required to interact with colleagues and customers on a daily basis then you need to have good interpersonal skills. This is especially important with customers because you have to show them that you have a friendly nature and can understand their frustrations if they're experiencing a problem or making a request. It is also a good skill to have when you are speaking with your colleagues because if you come across as cold and uninterested then you may receive negative feedback. This is also very important when dealing with your boss.
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Interpersonal Communication is also called : Face to face communication, with Interpersonal Communication you are communicating with a known recipient of audiences, you know their interests, their ideas, their ages; so it's more interactive process than any other communication tools. In addition, with it you can easily get your target and achieve your goal in persuading the audience with your point of views and also get an immediate feedback.
In Brief Words its Advantages are:
Visualisation, personal contact, you can explain, you can set mood (immediate feedback).

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