What Are The Main Reasons Of Communication?


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Communication plays a crucial role in everyday life and without it there would be great difficulty to move forward and for things to get done.

There are many different aspects of communication and all play an important role. Communication can be used to seek information. A person will ask questions to someone who has more knowledge of the subject and so when they tell them the answers to their questions the person is left with more information which in turn will be passed on to someone else. When children are growing up they will question almost everything and so without communication their knowledge and development would not grow.

Communication is also used as a great way of expressing emotion and feeling. Although body language and visible signs like crying can show the emotion of a particular person, communication is also vital in portraying exactly what someone is feeling. Without communication a person would not be able to say if they were sad or worried about something. Also if they felt ill they would be unable to tell anyone which could result in major problems.

Without communication the world would stand still and be very insular therefore its role in life is as crucial as they come.

There are several reasons why people communicate. Firstly, to stay in touch with people whether they are friends or family. To stay in touch with those who you care about the most is very essential and also a nice thing to do. It is important to make an effort in seeing family and friends as it is relaxing and a social thing to do.
Other ways people communicate are via Facebook. If for example you have lost touch with someone you can reconnect with them using this medium. Other reasons include communicating to build and maintain relationships as explained whether it be family, parenting or just the community as well as emotional intimacy and relationships can also be working ones.
This means that people can communicate to conduct business or commerce or people may communicate to learn or educate themselves. People also communicate for the sole purposes of pleasure. This could be to perform storytelling, film, music, art, theatre or other entertaining things. Human beings need contact and communication to function for many reasons but two essential ones that are fundamental to our existence is to understand or to learn and to be understood.

Communication is a crucial tool in everyday life and there are certainly several reasons why people communicate. Communication can come in many forms; from the traditional speaking to the modern advances of social networks and technology such as mobile phones.

People communicate for the following reasons:

  • To help get things done - Such as asking for help or information
  • To express how they are feeling - This allows people to know their mood
  • To trade and grow their business - communication is crucial for any business deal
  • To develop - communication is a key development in children
Communication is one of the most important aspects of life and so the use of such a tool should never be underestimated. When people travel abroad to a country they do not know how to speak the language of, it can become clear how little you can get done without successful communication.

People develop due to communicating with others, this starts when they are a child but can continue throughout their adult life as they gain more and more knowledge.

Without communication the world would come to a near standstill. Businesses would not survive and normal life could not continue in the same way.

With the introduction of social media networks such as Facebook and twitter, there is now another platform that people can quickly and freely communicate on. This has made global communication so much easier and the future promises even more developments in this strand of communication.

Five of the reasons why we communicate could be to pass on knowledge and to teach, to understand and learn, build relationships, to influence another person or simply for pleasure. These are just a few of the reasons humans communicate and why it is so important that we have language, something that separates us from any other species on the planet. The five reasons mentioned above can be looked at in more detail to find examples of each.

• The first listed reason for why we communicate is to pass on knowledge and to teach. This use of communication dates back as far as humans do. Before written language, knowledge and discoveries were all passed down via word of mouth. This way of communication allows future generations to acquire the knowledge and expand on it. Examples of this include information about what plants are safe to eat or how the invention of the light bulb was made.
• Communication can also be used in the other direction for the reason to learn and understand. People can use communication to question and acquire knowledge from others. This could include asking an older relative stories about their past or asking a teacher about a difficult essay.
• One of the most important reasons that we communicate is to build relationships. These relationships may be romantic, friendly or strictly professional but all of them require communication to build a basis.
• A friendly relationship requires communication to be honest and equal. Two people can use communication to discover their common interests and share their thoughts and feelings. Some may use communication as a way to influence other people. This may be done passively, for example someone may hint that they want a window to be shut by saying that the room is cold. Others may not be so subtle and simply demand or tell others what to do.
• Finally, communication can simply be used for pleasure or relief. Telling jokes, giving compliments or retelling stories are all ways communication can be used in this way.
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We communicate in order to share our ideas our thoughts.
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We live in a society ,besides ourselves there are others rich and poor ,living in big houses and huts ,literate or illiterate they may be from different religion or communities speaking different languages , but still everybody can speak and interact with one another . Such interaction is essential in the society
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1) You want another person to do something.
2) You want information.
3) Pleasure or relief.
4) You want to influence what another person is thinking.
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What else is the use of the ability to speak, hear, touch and see???.... It enables a person to be socially engaged and interact with the society and realise their status in the society and let people know abt their needs...:)

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