Which Continent Is Host To The Most Countries In The World?


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The answer is Africa, which has 53 countries altogether. Africa is only the second largest continent in land mass, though.

The largest continent is Asia, but it has only the 3rd largest number of countries at 44. Surprisingly Europe, which is one of the world's smallest continents (number 6) has the second highest number of countries at 47.

By the way, these calculations are based on seeing North and South America as separate continents.

There is a lot more information of this kind at world atlas.com a brilliant website which also gives you a list of countries in each continent.
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Africa, with Asia coming a close second. As long as you consider Europe and Asia as separate, which is perhaps not justified.

Africa has 54 countries on the continent, see list here.

Depending how you count them, which ones might be considered part of Europe (like Turkey) and which are part of "Asia" Asia has between 32 and 51 countries (see list here).

If the countries of Europe (45 in total, see list here) were included in a supercontinent of "Eurasia", then Eurasia would beat out Africa by a massive margin (45+51=96).

South America has only 13 nations on the mainland.

North and Central America combined (including the Caribbean) have 24 countries (see list).

My answers disagree with Wordy's partly because some places get listed as countries when they might better be described as autonomous regions or occupied territories.
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