How Do Glaciers Change The Surface Of The Earth?


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Glaciers not only transport material as they move, but they also sculpt and carve away the land beneath them. The ice totally changes the landscape. The ice erodes the land surface and carries the broken rocks and soil far from their original locations.

Glaciated valleys are probably the most visible landform caused by the movement of glaciers. Like fjords, they are trough-shaped, often with steep vertical cliffs where entire mountainsides were removed by glacial movement. One of the most striking examples of glaciated valleys can be seen in Yosemite National Park, where glaciers literally sheared away mountainsides, creating deep valleys with vertical walls
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A glacier:- Thick mass of ice that forms on land and flow plastically and it is form where ever winter snow fall exceed the summer melting.
There are two types of glacier:-
a) Alpine glacier:- occur in mountainous regions.
B) Continental glacier:- cover a large part of continent.
The glacier melting due to increasing in temperature(Global warming), So the oceans & seas become with more water. And this are effect on coastal plain and lead to drown it.
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Well, I guess it's one of these... will smooth out the land as it moves will deepen the area through which it passes moves so slowly that it does not cause any changes
D it moves so slowly that it cause only small changes

hint:its not C

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