How To Manage An Earthquake?


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Plan the location of infrastructure - Build new infrastructure away from earthquake prone areas to reduce economical damage and lower number of deaths caused by earthquakes - Authorities can implement guidelines on the location of new infrastructure and set limits on the heights of buildings.
     Design Earthquake-Resistant Infrastructure - New infrastructure can be specially designed to withstand strong tremors by making use of the latest technology.
Fireproof materials and automatic shut-off valves can be installed into gas pipes and electricity supplies to minimise the risk of fires in the event of an earthquake.
      Education on Emergency Procedure - Earthquake drills are conducted regularly in many earthquake-prone countries to educate and familiarise people on what to do in the event of an earthquake.
      Earthquake-prone areas should invest in seismometers and computers that can monitor tremors of the Earth or change in water levels - Authorities will then inform residents through sirens or public broadcasts of impending danger and begin mass evacuation.

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