What Are The Disadvantages Of Earthquakes?


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Disadvantages caused by the earthquake disaster directly:
The destruction of buildings and structures, such as houses collapsed, bridges broken down, cracking dams, rail deformation and so on.
Surface damage, such as ground cracking, subsidence, water-jet to take sand.
The destruction of natural objects such as mountains, such as landslides, landslides, etc..
Tsunamis, huge waves caused by undersea earthquakes were driven ashore, causing coastal damage.
In addition, some large earthquake, there is the phenomenon of humans and animals to light burns.
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For an Avalanche there really is not a list of advantages or disadvantages, however one advantage is the land off the mountain that receives the snow, the soil will get natural nitrogen from the snow sitting on it. There are more disadvantages to avalanches unfortunately. For humans and other living things in the way of an avalanche can become a victim of it by being suffocated and weighed down by the snow.

There are really not too many advantages of earthquakes, besides the fact they ultimatly cause volcanic eruptions (due to movement of the plates)
The advantage is:
Makes new crust eg. Seafloor spreading
Volcanic eruptions (good and bad)

The disadvantages are:
Structural damage roads, bridges, buildings ect.
Cause death
costs money in damage
they are the main reason why it is dangerous to leave near an active fault boundary
rock slides
landslides (especially if land is loose/ or wet)

There really no advantages to a landslide as well
The only good that can come out of a landslide would be that fresh soil underneith would be exposed, otherwise it is really no good.

(like EQs) cause damage/or death
costs a lot in damage to building

There are really no advantages to a mudslide also
same as a landslide

Hurricane and typhoon there are both advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages are:
Air curculation
water/ocean circulation

Disadvantages are

property damage
costs in repairs
power outages
phone disconnections
water main breaks
down power lines. (I lost 3 friends to a live wire in a flood they lived just down the street from me, and were playing in the ankle deep water figuring it was fun to play on the pavement not knowing there was a live wire in the water.. I was doing the same, by God's Grace my neibors, friends, and I were not affected by the live wire. (this was during hurrican harvey 1999). I lived in condo complex at the time running back and fourth across the parking lot to my friends house (it was her birthday, getting things for the party during a category one hurrican, not as windy, therefore a slow-movind down poor, resulting in major flooding no less. Flooding missed our houses by about 6". I had a good time believe it or not but had a sad ending.
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disadvantages of earthquakes

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