What Are Three Examples Of Disaccharides?


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A disaccharide is commonly known as a carbohydrate which forms when there are two monosacchrides reacting to condensation. The three most renowned examples of disaccharides are:

  • Sucrose
Sucrose refers to sugar and is a disaccharide composed by the monosaccharides glucose and fructose through a formula. William Miller coined the term Sucrose and it is now commonly known as sugar.

  • Lactose
Lactose is also a sugar that is part of the disaccharide group and formed from glucose that is most commonly found in drinks such as milk. Lactose is also made up of a galactose which is a monosaccharide sugar.

  • Maltose
The last disaccharide is Maltose which is a malt sugar formed from glucose to produce a reaction and the process of condensation. This disaccharide is most commonly used to break down starch.

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