How To Make A Working Model Of Geothermal Energy?


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Making a geothermal energy model is fairly simple but should definitely be done under adult supervision.

Equipment needed consists of:

•A child's pinwheel
•Aluminium foil
•An empty soup can, with one end removed
•A wooden ruler
•A small cooking pot
•A hotplate
•A hammer
•A nail
•Tape or elastic bands
•A pot holder, preferably the mitten type

This is how it is done:

To start with, a hole has to be punched into the end of the can. It needs to be near the edge and should be done using the hammer and a nail. A second hole has to be punched into the can directly opposite the first hole. Each hole should be no bigger than one-eighth of an inch.

Step two is to attach the ruler to the can using either tape or elastic bands.

Next the pot is filled with water and tightly sealed using two layers of tin foil crimped around the edge of the pot.

A hole of about one-sixteenth of an inch needs to be made into the centre of the tin foil. This is followed by bringing the water in the pot to the boil.

Wearing the mitten, the pinwheel is carefully held over the hole once steams starts coming out. Note should be taken of how fast the wheel spins.

Picking the can up with the ruler, it is now placed over the whole, with the open end at the bottom. The steam should now come through the two holes in the can.

The pinwheel is now held so the two holes are on opposite sides of the wheel. The speed at which the wheel turns should again be noted.

This is a perfectly working model of how steam from geysers is used.

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