What do all Liquids have in common?


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All liquids share a number of things in common, such as:

1. They are without a determined shape.

2. Because of this, they flow easily.

3. When they are frozen, they become a solid.

4. When they are boiled or evaporate, they become a gas.

Take water, for instance, probably the most common liquid you could think of.

Whilst it has a defined surface, which you can tell by looking at the line at which the water ends at the top of a glass, it has no determined shape. It will fill any glass you pour it into, whether it's a round bowl, a tall glass, or a vase, and it flows easily into the area you're pouring it.

When it freezes, it becomes a solid, commonly known as ice. And when it's boiled, it becomes water vapour, which then turns back into liquid water during condensation. The same characteristics are true of all liquids, regardless of which one you're looking at.

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Things or properties that all liquids have in common are:

1.They are shapeless .

2.They can only be measured by liters.

3.They evaporate on heating.

4.They get solid on being freezed.

5.They can be transported from one container to the other easily as they are a liquid substance that doesnt have a hard time in moving.

and i guess thats it!i cant think of any other right now!

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